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Classical furniture and maintenance, small sense of life_西安实木家具-西安实木家具定制-西安家具厂家-朝祥家具

Chinese classical furniture are connected by tenon not with nails. Wooden furniture is solid and durable, with carving and modeling style, dyeing, paint different, showing a variety of changes. But because of fear of tide and wood moth, so living in high humidity areas, special attention should be selected with higher levels of fat, tide of good wood, such as teak, Huali wood, basswood South America; or has been moistureproof processing, such as paint, moisture protection wooden furniture. At the same time, the material of classical furniture is different from modern furniture with sawn wood, so the wood with temperature and climate change and expansion and contraction, regular maintenance is indispensable, the following are some common methods:

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Avoid sun long-term exposure, so easy to make the internal moisture content of wood out of balance, causing cracks. Temperature should not be too large, to avoid air conditioning open and close, resulting in severe temperature changes. Avoid overheating of the objects on the table, will damage the surface of the protective paint and wax. Use a soft cloth or soft brush to clean, avoid using metal brush, bristle brush or coarse cloth. To avoid the bump and scratch hard objects, in particular, to remind the children of the family. The cork furniture, at least once a month with wax and walnut oil, can keep the surface smooth, moderate light. Waxing should not be too dense, otherwise it will plug the pores of wood.

Classical furniture and maintenance (two)

Hardwood furniture, make the air to maintain a certain humidity and transferred to the appropriate temperature, at least once a month with wax and walnut oil can make the surface smooth and shiny furniture. For the gilded furniture, keep the temperature in the air, and transferred to the appropriate temperature cracking and spalling of gold is very important. If the indoor temperature is too high, the most simple way is in the furniture of the top, bottom and inside put a basin of water. This keeps the air temperature. Keep good humidity, ideal humidity in about 40%, if the long-term use of air conditioners, can put a basin of water in the next. Use a humidifier, the control of the temperature in a certain range is the most secure method.

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